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We are happy that you have chosen to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage at our beautiful mission. This most important moment in your life is sacred to us as well. We will do everything we can to help make it a memorable spiritual moment for you.

1) Marriage is a sacrament for life. We ask that you prepare yourself for this moment by participating as fully as possible in the marriage preparation program of the Catholic Church. The priest or deacon will explain options you can choose to best prepare for your day. A six month period of preparation is needed to complete this preparation.

2) Mission Concepción is a sacred space. The bridal party is asked to wear appropriate dresses that are modest

for church services. Dressing space is limited, so brides should make plans accordingly. All are asked to respect the interior of the church in the way they act and speak. No food, beverage or gum is allowed.

3) The church seats 124 people but folding chairs can be set up for an additional 30 people if needed.

4) The wedding will normally take one hour for the setup, one hour for the ceremony and one hour for pictures after.

5) Please speak to the Administrative Assistant, as to floral decorations as well as other items such as floral pedals or rice. She will explain any restrictions due to the nature of our historical mission.

6) Limousines can be parked near the walkway to the church during the ceremony as long as the driver remains with the car. Parking is limited and guests are advised to carpool if possible.

7) Since the mission is part of the National Park System tourists may briefly enter the church during the wedding but will be limited to the area just inside the front door.

8) Pictures taken on the grounds of the mission ahead of the date of the wedding are subject to a permit issued by the National Park Service. Please call 210-534-8833 or

For additional information on holding your wedding at Mission Concepción, please contact us here.

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