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Thank you for your interest in baptizing your child at our historic mission.

We will do whatever we can to help make this an important faith-filled moment.

Baptism is a serious commitment by the parents and godparents. Therefore, a proper preparation is necessary. This includes attending preparation sessions as well as completing information and securing proper documents. Mission Concepción is a mission chapel of St. Cecilia’s Parish, which is responsible for following all Church sacramental regulations and securing the information for future use.

1) Baptisms at Mission Concepción are scheduled by contacting us here.

2) Parents and Godparents may choose to attend preparation classes at a Catholic church aside from Mission Concepción. If so, a certificate or letter attesting to your successful completion of the preparation from that parish is needed, along with the other documents, which can be presented the day of the Baptism. If you choose to do the preparation at Mission Concepción, then the Official Baptismal Information Sheet should be completed and presented at the preparation class, along with a copy of the original birth certificate from the Health Department.  

3) For preparation, please contact Deacon Ray Jimenez here to schedule an appointment.

4) Godparents are chosen because they are examples of the active Catholic faith that the baby is being called to live. Therefore, they should be Catholics who have been confirmed and have received the Eucharist, and who live a life of faith which befits the role to be undertaken. If married, they should be in a valid sacramental Church marriage (a copy of their Catholic marriage certificate will be needed in addition to their baptismal and confirmation record.) If single, a copy of their baptismal and confirmation certificate is needed (all documents can be obtained by contacting the church of their baptism).

Parents can honor others in keeping with the following: “a baptized person who belongs to a non-catholic ecclesial community may be admitted only in company with a Catholic sponsor, and then simply as a witness to the baptism” (Canon 874).

5) Donations for Baptism: The normal donation for the use of the church during Baptism is $100. There is also a customary stipend given to the priest or deacon who celebrates the sacrament.

To print this information or to obtain a copy in Spanish, please click here.

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