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Many of the most memorable moments for our community are when we celebrate our  traditions which have been part of our church since its founding.

See our calendar for these special times and feel welcome to join us.

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August 15: Double Solar Illumination

6pm - Presentation by Fr. David Garcia

6:30pm - Illumination Viewing in silence

7pm - Mass of the Feast of the Assumption of our

Blessed Mother

  • Double Solar Illumination will be held on Tuesday, August 15:  Fr David Garcia will do a presentation at 6:00pm on the spiritual and historical significance of our Double Solar Illumination that occurs each August 15 (the Feast of the Assumption). Mass will follow at 7:00pm with Fr David.

  • If you are interested in joining our Matachine Dance Group please Contact Maribel Morin at 210-425-7557 for more information and practice times.

  • The Pax Christi Sisters need assistance in distributing food items at the Food Pantry each Friday afternoon from 1pm - 4pm. The Food Pantry is located at 3311 S. Pine. Please bring a face mask and gloves. For more info please call Sr Guadalupe @ 210-534-5191.

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